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Implant Supported Bridge Sterling, VA

Multiple Teeth Dental Implants

Having several missing teeth is not only embarrassing but it is also very bad for your oral health. Injury, gum disease, tooth decay, and oral health neglect are common causes of tooth loss. Once teeth are lost, it is important that they get replaced. Gaps along the arch, especially large gaps, can negatively impact your oral and overall health. They can also harm your self-esteem.

The dental team at Brighter Smile Family Dentistry & Orthodontics will suggest dental implants to replace multiple missing teeth. We offer full service dental implants at our Sterling, VA dental practice. Multiple consecutive missing teeth were typically replaced by a partial denture or dental bridge in the past. However, now dentists offer implant supported bridges. This option replaces the teeth at the root unlike traditional bridges and partials dentures.

Implant Supported Bridge to replace Multiple Consecutive Missing Teeth in Sterling VA

Implant Supported Bridge

All dentists will agree the best way to replace any number of missing teeth is with dental implants. If you have multiple missing teeth in a row, we will suggest a dental implant supported bridge. An implant supported bridge is a row of false teeth that are fused together and then secured to two are more dental implants. There are at least two retainers crowns located on each end. These will be secured to the dental implants. The false teeth located in between them are called pontics.

A traditional bridge could replace a few teeth and would have to be secured to remaining teeth that are adjacent to the gap. With dental implants, your Brighter Smiles dentist will insert at least two dental implants in the jaw bone on each side of the gap. This will allow for the dental bridge to be permanently secured in place. This offers more structural support for your jaw and bite.

Why is an Implant Supported Bridge the Best Choice?

An implant supported dental bridge will replace the teeth at the root. The implant fixtures are inserted into the bone where they will help regenerate the jaw bone. This helps prevent bone loss. No other replacement option offers this benefit. Additionally, it does not require the healthy teeth to be shaved down to make room for the bridge. It also does not add extra pressure to healthy teeth. These are common problems patients have with traditional bridges and partial dentures.

How many dental implants do I need to secure a dental bridge?

You will need at least two dental implants. We will insert one implant on each side of the gap. However, depending on how many teeth you are missing, your dentist may decide to use more implants. If the bridge is too large, it may need that extra support.

Choosing an implant supported dental bridge to replace your multiple, consecutive missing teeth is the best choice for your oral health. Implants are the only option that replaces the teeth at the root which will help preserve the jaw bone. They also do not require the use of your healthy, surrounding teeth. To see if you qualify for teeth implants, call 703.444.3412 to schedule an appointment or request an appointment online.