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All About Invisalign Longevity

Have you noticed crookedness or gaps between your teeth? Your dentist can amend minor alignment concerns using Invisalign so that you can achieve the straight smile of your dreams. When you wear these custom-made plastic aligners as directed, you can gradually push your teeth into your desired straight position.

You will see optimal results when you comply with the designated treatment plan from your dentist. But you might worry about what Invisalign treatment will entail. And will your newly straightened smile last forever? Read on to find responses to frequently asked questions from your dentist regarding the length of Invisalign treatment and results.

All About Invisalign Longevity

How Long Do I Need to Wear Invisalign?

Invisalign will not yield immediate results, and the length of this treatment will vary depending on your unique needs. Dentists will consider the severity of the alignment issues when determining your Invisalign treatment plan. You can anticipate wearing Invisalign for six to 18 months.

Your dentist will ask you to wear Invisalign for at least 22 hours each day, including during sleep. You should remove Invisalign when eating or drinking so that you do not stain or hurt your aligners. You can also take out Invisalign when completing your oral hygiene routine so that you do not see a disruption to your regimen.

If you do not wear Invisalign as often as you should, you could risk your teeth shifting out of place during the treatment. Then your Invisalign will no longer fit properly. You will likely need to obtain new aligners from your dentist to get your treatment back on track.

Comply with your Invisalign treatment so that you do not experience delays in your treatment by waiting for replacement aligners. Wearing Invisalign as directed will ensure an efficient treatment process that will give you the best results for this cosmetic dental solution.

Will Invisalign Results Last Forever?

Once you complete Invisalign treatment, you can enjoy lifelong cosmetic and oral health benefits from your newly straight smile. Your teeth can remain in their aligned position forever as long as you adhere to your dentist’s aftercare guidelines.

This will mean wearing the retainer that they provide for you as directed. You will need to wear it as often as you do your Invisalign so that the teeth do not shift out of place. The teeth need time to get used to their new position, and the retainer ensures they stay in place during this period.

Otherwise, your smile can become crooked again. And you might need more intervention from your dentist to make it straight once more.

You will also need to continue good oral hygiene habits to preserve the effects of Invisalign treatment. Lapsed oral hygiene may mean you contract gum disease or form cavities. These dental problems can alter the alignment of your smile, disrupting the enhancement following Invisalign treatment.

Make sure you follow your dentist’s instructions to keep your smile straight after Invisalign treatment. And attend any follow-ups or check-ups with your dentist to protect your oral health.