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Dental Implant Process Sterling, VA

Dental implants are the best choice for replacing missing teeth. You can replace any number of missing teeth using them. They are the most advanced dental restorations available today and offer patients more advantages than any other tooth replacement solution. However, dental implants do cost more and the process to get them is very involved and lengthy. The end result is replacement teeth that function, feel, and look like natural teeth.

The dental implant process in sterling, virginia

Brighter Smiles Family Dentistry & Orthodontics is a Sterling, VA dentist office that offers dental implants to patients who suffer from missing or damaged teeth. Our dentists are qualified to perform every step of the dental implant process from the comforts of our dental practice.

Steps in the Dental Implant Process

Dental Implant Consultation

The most important step in the dental implant process is the consultation and planning. Your dentist will do a complete dental exam, take x-rays, and do any other diagnostics that they will need to plan your treatment. It is very important to have an accurate and precise picture of your oral health and oral structure. It will help lay out your treatment to ensure the most predictable results. Once this is complete, we will move forward with any pre-treatments you may need. If you do not, then we will schedule you for your dental implant surgery.


Every patient is different and some may require treatment before their dentist can place their dental implants. If you suffer from bone loss in the jaw, we may need to have a bone graft completed first. Tooth extractions are a common procedure that you may need.

Dental Implants Placement

The surgical implantation will take place at our Sterling, VA dentist office. Since your treatment plan is already developed, your dentist will simply insert the dental implants in the predetermined location in your jaw. Our caring staff will make sure you are comfortable throughout the entire procedure. It will take about three to six months for the implants to fully integrate with the jawbone. However, healing times will vary for each patient. During this time, we will fit you for a temporary dental restoration.

Placing the Abutment

Once the implants have fully integrated with the jaw bone, the next step is to attach the abutments. This will involve a second minor surgical procedure. Your dentist will uncover each dental implant and secure the abutments. An abutment is a small metal piece that connects the implant to the restoration.

Placement of the Dental Restoration

Once your soft tissues are done healing from the abutment placement, we will secure your permanent restoration. Your Sterling, VA dentist will secure your new crown, dental bridge, or denture to the dental implants. They will make any minor adjustments so that your smile looks flawless and natural.

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Dr. Kavianpour and her team of highly trained and experienced dentists are dedicated to providing high quality dental implant restorations. Schedule an appointment online or call 703.444.3412 to begin the process of replacing your teeth with dental implants.