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Tooth Bonding Sterling, VA

Brighter Smile Family Dentistry and Orthodontics is a trusted dental practice that offers a full range of cosmetic solutions for those who want to improve the appearance of their smile. We provide tooth bonding in Sterling, VA as an easy and affordable treatment to help patients create beautiful smiles.

Are you searching for a simple solution to improve the appearance of your smile? If you are dealing with a chipped, damaged, or discolored tooth, dental bonding may be right for you. Dr. Zahra Kavianpour and our dental team will work with you to explore all your cosmetic dentistry treatment options and create a smile makeover plan that is right for you.

Tooth bonding in Sterling VA

Is Bonding Teeth Right For Me?

To learn more about the tooth bonding process and determine if it is right for you, we recommend you visit our office for a consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Kavianpour will examine your smile, discuss your cosmetic goals, and recommend the most appropriate solution for your smile.

In most cases, bonding is ideal for patients of all ages. Tooth bonding offers a simple and natural-looking solution for many common dental concerns. We may recommend tooth bonding to address these key concerns:

  • Protect the tooth root
  • Address dental cavities
  • Fix a chipped, cracked, or fractured tooth
  • Repair a misshapen tooth
  • Over a stained or discolored tooth

By staying up to date with your routine dental visit, practicing excellent oral hygiene, and avoiding poor dental habits, patients can increase the longevity of a bonded tooth.

The Benefits of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a popular cosmetic dental procedure that offers several benefits. Here are some advantages of dental bonding:

  • Affordable: Dental bonding is one of the cheapest ways to fix your smile. It is generally more affordable than other cosmetic treatments such as dental crowns or porcelain veneers. If you have mild to moderate cosmetic blemishes and limited budget, bonding is the perfect treatment.
  • Complete in one visit: A dental bonding treatment will typically only take a single dentist appointment to complete. Unlike veneers, which take at least two or three visits to complete, dental bonding produces immediate results after a single trip to our dental office. This is convenient for our busy patients who need a quick fix.
  • Little to no tooth alteration: To prepare your teeth, the dentist will not need to alter the natural state of your tooth structure very much if at all. With minimal alteration to the tooth, this treatment can be reversed and your tooth remains intact.
  • Versatile: There are many cosmetic concerns that dental bonding can address making it very versatile. It can repair a chipped or cracked tooth, close a gap between teeth, cover stained or discolored teeth, and alter the shape of a tooth.
  • Offers a natural appearance: The resin used in a bonding treatment will match the color of the surrounding teeth. This will result in a seamless and natural appearance creating a perfect smile.
  • Non-invasive: The bonding procedure does not require drilling or anesthesia. In most cases, the entire treatment is relatively painless. The dentist will prepare the tooth by slightly roughing up the surface. This may produce some slight discomfort however, for most patients, the entire procedure is painless.

Dental Bonding in Sterling, VA

In many cases, the dental bonding procedure can be completed during one visit to our Sterling, VA dental office. During the bonding procedure, no anesthesia is needed; however, in some cases, we may numb the general area to keep you comfortable during the preparation process.

Next, we will explore your shade range and choose a composite resin shade that closely matches the color of your existing teeth. This will ensure that your bonded teeth will blend seamlessly with your natural smile.

Next, the tooth is chemically etched to create a proper bonding surface for the composite resin. The composite resin is then applied to the affected tooth and shaped and molded until the desired appearance is reached.

To ensure that composite resin stays in place, we will harden it using a special curing life. Lastly, we will gently polish the teeth to reveal a natural shine and luster.

Dental Binding FAQs

Dental bonding is a great cosmetic treatment for mild to moderate dental issues. Consult with your dentist if you have further questions about the treatment. Please learn more about it by reading through the frequently asked questions section below. Contact our dentist office if have further questions.

What is tooth bonding?

Tooth bonding is a dental procedure that repairs a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth. It also helps with discoloration of teeth, and gaps between them. It typically works best on minor repairs. The color of the composite is designed to match the rest of your teeth so that it is not noticeable, making tooth bonding a popular choice for many individuals looking to repair minor issues.

How long does dental bonding last?

Dental bonding lasts on average, 4 to 10 years. The lifespan of a bond is dependent on the location in the mouth, patients diet, and oral hygiene. For your bond to last longer patients should avoid hard candy, popcorn, ice cubes, and other hard, sticky foods.

Furthermore, patients who grind their teeth should know that this causes the lifespan of your bond to decrease significantly.

Is tooth bonding painful?

The level of pain experienced during the dental bonding depends on the location of the tooth being bonded. The process for applying most dental bonds is painless because the dentist is normally working on the surface of the tooth.

If you are extremely sensitive or have a cavity on top of the bond your dentist may recommend an anesthetic or pain killer prior to the procedure, but this happens rarely with bonds. Most patients who have bonds performed report little or no pain with the experience.

Is tooth bonding permanent and reversible?

Yes, dental bonding is reversible. Some patients have dental bonding before porcelain veneers or dental crowns to fix their problems temporarily while saving money for permanent solutions. There is no enamel removed from the tooth, so if you need to remove the dental bonding for another procedure a dentist can remove it as easily as it was put in.

It is cheaper to get porcelain veneers or dental bonding?

While the cost for each treatment will vary depending on the patient and various factors, dental bonding is generally cheaper. The treatment simply uses a resin material that is shaped by hand while veneers use porcelain that must be custom made in a dental lab for each individual tooth. Porcelain veneers are much more durable and permanent while bonding is weaker and reversible.

Are you searching for a simple solution to transform your smile? Visit Brighter Smile Family Dentistry and Orthodontics to explore your cosmetic treatment options and determine if tooth bonding is right for you. To schedule a dental exam and consultation for dental bonding, call 703.444.3412 or request an appointment online today.