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Cosmetic Dentistry Sterling, VA

Your smile is an investment, so it’s no surprise you want to experience exceptional care when searching for a cosmetic dentist. Dr. Zahra Kavianpour has over 20 years of experience creating beautiful, functional smiles. Our dental team will take a complete approach to your care and will directly address both your oral health needs and cosmetic goals. Brighter Smile Family Dentistry and Orthodontics provides expert cosmetic dentistry in Sterling, VA to create a natural smile that you will love. Our cosmetic process involves an open and interactive relationship between you and our team. We will keep you informed throughout all the phases of your care so you will feel confident about the services you are receiving. Our patients happiness and health are our number one priorities.

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Personalized Smile Makeover

Every smile is unique and our team strives to provide solutions that are just as unique as your smile. We take the time to explore your cosmetic needs, review your budget, examine your smile, and discuss all viable treatment options. Together, you and Dr. Kavianpour will choose a treatment plan that is right for you.

What to Expect at Your Cosmetic Consultation

Each patient will partake in a cosmetic dental consult with the dentist. From this appointment, you should expect:

  • To Discuss your Goals and Concerns: It is important for the dentist to understand exactly what you do and do not like about your smile. When you tell them what your concerns are and what your goals are, then your dentist can better help you achieve your goals.
  • The Dentist to Examine your Oral Health: Your dentist will do a complete exam of your mouth and will review your medical history. They will be looking closely at your teeth, gums, and jaw to see if you suffer from any underlying dental health problems. If you have any issues, such as gum disease or an unstable bite, they will need to be addressed first.
  • Review of your Treatment Options: Once your dentist has a clear picture of what your goals are, what you dislike about your smile, and the current state of your oral health, then they can recommend the best treatment options. This is an open with you where they will list the pros and cons of your options.
  • Custom Treatment Plan: Once you are happy with your options and the possible outcomes, your dentist will create a custom treatment plan. It will include your procedures, the timeline, and all the costs involved.
  • Questions and Answers: During your entire consultation, we want you to feel comfortable to ask questions. Our goal is to deliver a smile that you will be happy with forever. If it does not get discussed, make sure you understand things such as the long term maintenance of your new smile or what the recovery period is like after each treatment.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Have you ever wanted to improve the appearance of your smile? If so, then cosmetic dentistry may be right for you. Whether you want to make minimal changes to your smile or completely transform your smile, our team works with you to create a personalized smile makeover that is tailored to your unique needs.

Cosmetic dentistry can offer these key benefits:

  • It can improve your self-confidence
  • Can save you time and money in the long run
  • It can improve the appearance and function of your bite
  • Can help strengthen your teeth

Cosmetic Dental Care in Sterling, VA

Our office is a full-service dental practice that offers a full range of treatment options. All of these are customized to suit your dentistry needs. Depending on your goals and expectations, our team may recommend one or more of the following treatments to improve the appearance of your smile.

Porcelain Veneers

Do you want to enhance the overall appearance of your smile? Porcelain veneers are designed to change the shape, color, and overall appearance of your teeth. Porcelain veneers are a permanent solution for your cosmetic issues. In addition, your veneers are completely customized to suit your unique dentistry needs. They are ultra-thin shells made out of porcelain that are bonded to the front side of teeth. Porcelain is a strong material that mimics the appearance of teeth. To learn more about the benefits of porcelain veneers, see Porcelain Veneers.


Do you want to achieve a straighter smile?  You may want to consider Invisalign clear braces. This innovative orthodontic treatment utilizes clear, removable aligners to gently shift your teeth into the desired position. On average, Invisalign treatment is shorter than typical orthodontic treatment and offers patients a more discreet and comfortable solution to their orthodontic needs. Many people are considering them over traditional metal braces because they are removable and easier to use. To learn more about the Invisalign process, see Orthodontics.

Dental Bonding

Tooth bonding is a simple cosmetic treatment that addresses minor tooth damage, covers a discolored tooth, or changes the shape of a tooth. Bonding is ideal for patients of all ages and is typically described as a simpler alternative to porcelain veneers. It is very affordable and can be completed in a single office visit. However, it will not last as long as dental veneers nor is it as strong and durable. To learn if dental bonding is right for you, see Tooth Bonding.

Teeth Whitening

Do you want to achieve a whiter, brighter smile? Professional teeth whitening is a great way to whiten your teeth multiple shades. Whether you have an upcoming special event or just want to enhance the appearance of your smile, our professional tooth whitening treatment may be right for you. We offer both in-office and take home professional teeth whitening treatments for your convenience. To learn about our different professional teeth whitening options, see Teeth Whitening.

Schedule A Free Consultation for Cosmetic Dentistry in Sterling, VA

Get one step closer to the smile of your dreams. Visit Dr. Kavianpour and the team at Brighter Smile Family Dentistry & Orthodontics for the treatment you need. We offer free cosmetic consultations for patients who want to explore their treatment options. During your consultation, we will explore your cosmetic goals and discuss what your options are. To learn more about our free cosmetic consultation in Sterling, VA, call 703.444.3412 today.