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Why Do My Teeth Have White Spots?

Have you noticed white spots forming on the surface of your teeth? This chalky or creamy effect will hinder the look of your smile, and you may feel frustrated when they do not go away after you brush and floss your teeth.

Your dentist can help you amend this aesthetic concern with cosmetic dental work. But it may also be a symptom of a larger dental problem called hypocalcification. Read on to learn more about how you can get rid of this tooth discoloration as well as what it entails for your oral health.

aesthetic concerns in teeth

Defining Hypocalcification

Hypocalcification is a condition in which calcium has depleted from the tooth enamel. Calcium is a major part of this outer layer of your teeth, so its loss points to a severe weakening of the dental structure.

The thinned parts of the enamel will appear as white spots. Because they are not surface stains but rather areas of dental damage, you cannot remove them through your at-home oral hygiene routine.

Once the enamel has deteriorated, it will not regrow on its own. You will need attention from your dentist to treat this issue.

Eliminating Discoloration in Your Smile

Your dentist can replace weakened enamel with restorative dental solutions. But they can also strengthen the remaining enamel through a fluoride treatment.

The dentist applies a paste, gel, or rinse containing fluoride to the teeth. This absorbs into the teeth to fortify the enamel, making them better able to resist dental dangers like plaque that they may otherwise be vulnerable to.

But fluoride treatments will not address the cosmetic effects of calcium loss in the teeth. For this, you may need dental work like tooth bonding. With this treatment, the dentist applies tooth-colored resin to the smile, evening out and brightening the look of the teeth.

You may also benefit from porcelain veneers, custom-made cap-like shells that attach to the front of teeth. They will cover discoloration as well as serve as a replacement for weak enamel in this area.

Preventing White Spots on Your Teeth

Fluoride treatment can preserve your tooth enamel, but how can you avoid calcium loss in your teeth in the first place? Some patients may have a genetic or medical issue that can cause hypocalcification. These patients will need to work with their dentist to protect their smiles.

But you can prevent enamel loss by continuing good oral hygiene habits. This means brushing your teeth twice per day and flossing on a daily basis. You should also visit your dentist for routine teeth cleanings and oral exams. A dentist can also check the stability of your dental structure and offer swift treatment for any issues during these appointments.

Acidic or sugary foods and drinks may also eat away at your dental structure. Limit or eliminate these food items in your diet. You may also want to rinse your mouth with water after eating these foods so that harmful residues do not remain on your teeth and cause irreversible dental damage.