Dental Implants Sterling, VA

Patients can enjoy a more comfortable and functional bite after losing teeth with dental implants. Implants act as artificial roots to anchor permanent teeth replacements. If you are missing one or more teeth or need to have one extracted, dental replacements can be a great option to restore your smile.

Dental implants can be beneficial for people who want a tooth replacement option that closely imitates natural teeth. They can be a very effective long-term solution for missing teeth. Dental implants are available at Brighter Smile Family Dentistry & Orthodontics in Sterling and the surrounding area. Call our team at (703) 994-4044 to learn more about this service and set up an appointment.

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Dental implants infographic: Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that can replace one or more teeth.
They are popular because they look, feel, and function like natural teeth.
Dental implants infographic: Patients should care for their dental implants just as they would their natural teeth.
Dental implants infographic: Alternatives to dental implants include dental bridges and dentures.