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How to Replace Multiple Missing Teeth

Tooth loss impacts dental patients for a variety of reasons. Whether you needed a tooth extraction, suffered impact trauma, or endured gum disease, one or more teeth may have been lost in the process.

Even if the underlying cause of tooth loss has been resolved, you might experience further deterioration of your oral health due to missing teeth. Your dentist can help you find the best way to restore your smile when you schedule a consultation.

They will employ a personalized approach to your treatment. If you have lost more than one tooth, they will determine a unique strategy to fully amend your smile. Read on to see the approach your dentist will take when replacing your multiple missing teeth.

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How Will My Dentist Treat More Than One Missing Tooth?

Your dentist can offer several treatment options to replace multiple missing teeth. If you have lost several teeth in a row, you could benefit from a dental bridge.

This oral appliance features three or more prosthetic teeth. It secures into place by clasping over adjacent teeth. The traditional bridge is removable, but your dentist can also give you a fixed dental bridge supported with dental implants.

Tooth loss can occur in different sections of the mouth too. In this case, you may need more than one prosthetic to completely restore your smile.

Your dentist can create a customized removable partial denture to replace these missing teeth. It remains in place with a metal framework supported by surrounding remaining teeth.

You can also find permanent tooth replacements with dental implants. More than one of these types of fixtures can replace multiple missing teeth throughout your mouth.

Can I Receive Multiple Dental Implants in One Treatment?

If you and your dentist determine that you will need more than one dental implant to restore your smile after tooth loss, this can be achieved within one treatment. You should know that implant dentistry requires a multi-step process.

Your dentist will begin by surgically placing titanium post anchors into the jaw. You can receive all the implants you need within this one surgery.

When these surgical sites heal, you will return to your dentist so that they can place the prosthetic teeth in your mouth, attached to these anchors. You will receive crowns, bridges, or dentures supported by the implants, depending on your unique dental needs.

What Oral Health Benefits Can I Expect?

Patients who undergo full mouth restoration treatments to replace missing teeth will experience many oral health benefits. They can perform oral functions with ease once again, including chewing and speaking. The tooth replacements will fill gaps in a patient’s smile as well, enhancing their appearance.

If you choose dental implants to replace missing teeth, you will notice further restorative advantages. The anchors of the implants replace missing tooth roots, which will preserve your jawbone.

Removable oral appliances will replace teeth above the gumline and not provide this protection. Discuss your oral health goals and treatment options with your dentist when you schedule a consultation.