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Types of Dental Implants

Patients with missing teeth can find a durable, effective, and permanent tooth replacement solution with dental implants. Implants restore oral function, returning patients to normal eating and speaking abilities while enhancing a patient’s smile with customized prosthetic crowns. There are many benefits to dental implants and several dental implant types to suit patients’ unique needs. Brighter Smile Family Dentistry & Orthodontics, a dental practice in Sterling, VA, outlines three types of dental implants that could improve your smile.dental implants dentist sterling va

Single implant

If a patient is missing one tooth, a single implant can be an ideal tooth replacement option. In this procedure, your dentist surgically places a titanium post into the jaw to provide a foundation for the prosthetic tooth. They will then bond a dental crown, customized to fit the size, shape, and color of your natural teeth, over the implant. The result is a permanent and aesthetically pleasing tooth replacement. The implant should be brushed and flossed regularly as you would care for your natural teeth. This ensures that your surrounding teeth and gums remain healthy and provide a stable foundation for your implant.

Bridge implant

For patients missing several teeth in a row, a bridge implant can be a great treatment option. A typical dental bridge involves several prosthetic teeth. With an implanted bridge, your dentist secures these prosthetics to titanium posts surgically placed in the jaw. There are usually two posts for an implanted bridge: one on each end of the fixture. The implants provide optimal security for the bridge to ensure a permanent tooth replacement solution.


Permanent replacement of a full arch of teeth can require an all-on-4 dental implant. The name of this fixture comes from the four titanium posts that are implanted into the jaw and onto which the full set of prosthetic teeth are bonded and secured. Full sets of dentures accomplish a similar tooth replacement treatment, but removable dentures can slip out of place. Dental implants offer a permanent placement in the mouth as well as protection of the jawbone. Missing teeth can lead to deterioration of bone in the jaw, but the implantation of titanium posts provides structure to regenerate bone where it has been lost.

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