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The Dentures Vs. Dental Implants Debate

Dentures and dental implants are both common methods of replacing missing teeth. But how do you know which is the best one for you? The team at Brighter Smile Family Dentistry and Orthodontics discusses both dentures and Sterling, VA dental implants.dental implants in sterling, virginia

All About Dentures

Dentures are usually used to replace an entire arch of teeth, though partials are available as well. They’re made of a metal and resin base that’s used to support plastic or ceramic teeth. Some of the upsides of dentures are that they’re cheaper to get upfront and you can get your final restoration faster than you can with implants.

However, those perks come with a lot of drawbacks. They’re cheaper upfront, but you may incur extra costs down the road. Dentures don’t stop the jawbone from deteriorating due to missing teeth. The jawbone will continue to deteriorate over time, changing the fit of your dentures. They can start to slip or irritate your gums. Typically, you’ll have to get dentures readjusted or replaced when this happens.

Dentures only give you back 30-40% of your bite function. Certain foods will have to be eliminated from your diet. Dentures can also feel bulky and unlike your natural teeth, meaning that they’ll have a learning curve to get used to. You have to find an adhesive that works for you to make sure they stay in and stay comfortable in your mouth.

Due to adhesives and because they’re removable, extra maintenance comes with dentures. They have to be taken out at night and thoroughly cleaned and/or soaked to make sure that they’re ready for the next day.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

At Brighter Smile, we recommend dental implants for tooth replacement whenever possible. Implants are made up of three different parts. First, a titanium implant post is what’s actually placed in your jawbone. A piece called an abutment is attached to the post to connect it with the final restoration. The final restoration is commonly a dental crown, but implants can also support a fixed bridge or denture.

Implants are the only option that replaces the tooth root. This can stop or even reverse the jawbone deterioration that comes with losing a tooth. The jawbone fuses with the dental implant as the post prompts regeneration of the bone. This process is why implants can take a bit longer for your final restoration. It requires 3-6 months for the implant post and jawbone to fuse and heal.

The fusing process is what gives dental implants extra stability. You get 100% of your bite function back. You don’t have to worry about adhesives or changing up your diet. While implants cost more upfront, replacing the tooth root ensures that you don’t incur further costs down the line. If you brush, floss, and visit your dentist regularly, they should last for years to come.

Getting Dental Implants in Sterling, Virginia

Do you think dental implants can be the solution for your missing teeth? Call us or schedule an appointment online.